Jason McNiff - 'Joy & Independence'
Out 27th July

Pre-Order the new Jason McNiff album now and you will receive 3 exclusive tracks - Single 'Midnight Shift', an alternate take of album track 'And the Sun Comes Up On My Dreams' and Jason's interpretation of Leonard Cohen's 'Alexandra Leaving'. 

We will send you these digital tracks immediately and then ship the Physical CD in time for formal release on the 27th July

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OUT NOW 'Southern Wind' by Dean Owens

Dean Owens - Southern Wind

‘Owens delivers straight and true…’ MOJO

‘a rousing vulnerability that at time recalls Richard Ashcroft’ Country Music Magazine

‘Southern Wind has gone straight into my A list’

Country Music People

‘So good’ Bob Harris

‘Superb…best yet’ Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

OUT NOW 'All On Red' by Orphan Colours
Orphan Colours - All On Red

“as stunning a debut album as you're likely to hear this year, or any year for that matter.” Fatea

“Orphan Colours have delivered a joyful sound that manages to mix some of the best elements of rock’n’roll, blues and Americana into a harmonious and infectious record.” Folk & Tumble

“All On Red is an album which pulsates with a fierce energy” Americana-uk

“I am confident in stating it will be in my top albums of 2018. …..it is just damn good music by damn good musicians.” Robs Raw Music

OUT NOW 'Open Sea' by Hans Chew

Hans Chew - 'Open Sea' Reviews

“Brave, bold and captivating, the record has many and varied charms..8/10” Uncut Magazine

“..Tennessee country-blues rocker shines broad rays of psych-folk warmth” 4* MOJO

"This is an adventurous, interesting listen. At its core, though, it’s just damn good rock n’ roll. 8/10“ Glide

‘Album of the Week’ Resident Brighton

 "If you're a fan of unique songwriters, this is an album you should explore.” AXS

"These aren’t just songs, they are movements and events.“ Twangrila

“An odyssey through an exciting and ever-changing vivid aural landscape.“ Folk & Tumble

New Singles from Orphan Colours and Dean Owens
Dean Owens - The Last Song

'The Last Song' is the new single from Dean Owens, and the first to be taken from his stunning new album 'Southern Wind'.

'The Last Song' was co-written with Will Kimbrough and as Dean describes, ‘[This is] the first song that Will and I wrote together. We bonded through our mutual love of Ronnie Lane and The Waterboys. We wanted to write a kinda pub rock song for the end of the night and we just sat jamming and throwing in names of some of our heroes’

'The Last Song' & 'Southern Wind' were recorded in Nashville with Neilson Hubbard at the production helm.

Orphan Colours - High Hopes
Orphan Colours released their new single 'High Hopes' on 17th November 2017
Orphan Colours are Steven Llewellyn, Dave Burn and Graham Knight (ahab), Steve Brookes (Danny & The Champions of The World) and Fred Abbott (Noah & the Whale).
Songwriter Llewellyn explains," 'High Hopes'  was written very quickly, within half an hour. It was one of those strange occasions where it just flowed out without having to think too much about it. It sounded great as soon as we played it together as a band and it’s been part of our live set ever since."
'High Hopes' is the first track to be lifter from debut album 'All On Red' which is out 26th January 2018.