'Life & Love' is the second album from New York City pianist, singer, songwriter and performer Hans Chew.  After receiving 4-star reviews in both Rolling Stone and Uncut magazine for his debut Tennessee & Other Stories..., Hans Chew returns with his eagerly anticipated follow up. 

The snapshot of a rock and roll band, 'Life & Love' was recorded live in the studio with limited overdubs to allow the listener to feel the immediate raw power of this well-oiled band.  Led by Hans Chew on vocals and piano with Dave Cavallo (guitar), Ricardo Ortiz (bass), and Jesse Wallace (drums), this is the same backing band formed to support the previous tours of 'Tennessee & Other Stories'.

With distinct influences of British and southern American classic rock, the album's sound stands on plenty of blues, country, and soul as it bares its teeth.  Conceptually, 'Life & Love' isn't complex: it deals with the experience of life and the role that love plays in it. Its imagery however, betrays another reality: the listener will encounter the creation and rise of civilization, temptations of the flesh from across the railroad tracks, the cool hand of the goddess of mercy, a marriage between a nymph and the son of Zebedee, a prodigal son in goatskin cloaks, Tsars, Boyars, the ripping open of space and time, and last but not least, the Junco Partner himself.

Life & Love was recorded at Spin Studios in New York City by Paul Suarez and mastered by Patrick Klem.  The album cover was painted by Melodie Provenzano.


"Fabulous...timeless...reminiscent of John Prine, then Steve Earle...Chew plays out a whole range of talents, of which the singing and songwriting are the most striking" - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Rollicking, lascivious, honky-tonking...a terrific full-blooded singer-songwriter...a lost classic from 2010."
- Uncut Magazine

"Sounds like early Elton John playing with The Faces" - The Wire

"Has a puffed out chest of Jerry Lee Lewis with a slice of the distorted blues that big-label publicity reps would have you believe Jack White has cornered." - Tiny Mix Tapes